Please contact us for a current pricelist. Prices are reserved for Retail Customers only and are subject to change without notice. You must show a valid business license to receive a pricelist.
Shipping to other states is available and will be shipped air cargo. A minimum of $ 150.00 is required for shipping to states other than California.

Local Deliveries:
All fish are personally delivered in breathable bags. If this may cause any inconvenience, please let me know prior to delivery so other arrangements can be made.

All customers are expected to pay upon delivery (C.O.D.). Handling and delivery charges may apply to certain locations. Prices are subject to change without notice.

**Please make all checks payable to: Andrew Lyn or Great River Farms**
Please contact us for a current pricelist.

We also accept Credit Cards through
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Guarantee of replacement for loss of fish within 24 hours.
Please call me and save the bodies for identification purposes.

All our fish are exclusively bred in Jamaica, West Indies!
Our fish are never mixed with fish from any other country or state!
Jamaica’s fish are bred and raised in water that has a pH of at least 8.0 and is very
hard water. However, temperature changes do not affect these fish as they may experience
ranges from 70 degree F to 90 degree F with absolutely no ill effects. These fish are
never medicated and all are eating tropical fish flake food.

1. A separate tank and/or system is strongly recommended.
2. Breathable Bags are able to be soaked (temperature acclimatizing).
3. Stores that have a pH of 7.5 or lower,
     a. Place fish in a separate container.
     b. Pour a small amount of intended aquarium water into the container every 20 minutes for an hour.

Your Business is Greatly Appreciated!

Sincerely, Andrew Lyn